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New findings on Hispaniolan monkeys

The collecting of a primate femur and other fossil remains lead to a new breakthrough in Caribbean paleontology. Specialists discovered fossils of a primate and other species in a southern area of Hispaniola, presented in a preliminary study which suggests a higher level of endemism in the region and extends the territorial distribution patterns of endemic monkeys throughout the island. Sigue leyendo “New findings on Hispaniolan monkeys”

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Spring/Summer Places

We’ve had an extended warm Winter season this year. It’s almost mid-May and temperatures have been lower then the expected. City residents get ready for some warm weather changes, awaiting for Spring and Summer to come along later this month. Sigue leyendo “Spring/Summer Places”

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Underground Art

What for years was a spooky poorly maintained tunnel between Broadway Avenue and the MTA’s 191st Subway Station became a colorful walk-through in May 2015.  Sigue leyendo “Underground Art”