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Vista del eclipse solar desde Washington Heights

El eclipse solar de 2017 ha sido un Super Bowl astronómico para los estadounidenses. Y es que no habían tenido la oportunidad de ver este evento en su totalidad desde 1979, de acuerdo con la NASA. Sigue leyendo “Vista del eclipse solar desde Washington Heights”

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El Alto seeks ideas for arts and culture plan

Most Inwood and Washington Heights residents travel down to 125th Street’s Magic Johnson movie theater to watch the latest premieres, since the majestic Coliseum Theater at 181st. closed its doors in 2011.

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Educating New Yorkers on Immigrant Rights

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Residents from around the city prepare for the worst, as they attend information sessions and workshops on immigrant rights in Upper Manhattan and Lower East Side, in the face of possible immigration raids and regulatory or arbitrary encounters with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and NYPD officers. Sigue leyendo “Educating New Yorkers on Immigrant Rights”