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Oceans Best Kept Secrets Revealed

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At the entrance of the exhibit, waves bathe your feet in the form of a hologram. And, if you close your eyes and listen closely, you might find yourself walking on a Caribbean beach at dusk. This is how the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) attempts to persuade your senses and submerge all its visitors into the most recent scientific discoveries in the depth of the ocean. Sigue leyendo “Oceans Best Kept Secrets Revealed”

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Plastics in the ocean end up in the stomach

While we keep asking about the ethics in the ongoing -and growing- fish farm industry, scientists present recent studies that can take away your desire for a fresh caught meal.

And it’s all about you & plastics… Sigue leyendo “Plastics in the ocean end up in the stomach”

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Statistics on Ocean’s Benefits

Did you know that healthy and well-managed coral reefs generate 5 to 10 tons of fish per square kilometer per year?

World Ocean’s Day is around the corner and The Nature Conversancy helps to take out the numbers.

Together with Ocean Wealth, an organization dedicated to evaluating marine ecosystems, they’ve shared an array of infographics that map the benefits oceans and coastal habitats produce in nearby communities.

Tourism - Ocean Wealth - Benefits

Take a look at the whole series at Mapping Ocean Wealth.