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Work life, Seniors & José Díaz

Burende, La Vega, Dominican Republic

You can hear José as he comes down the alley, with colorful tenths as he walks to his yield. He likes to sing when ever he’s happy. “The one thing a person has to preserve is his word”, says the man to turn 93 on July 16 this year. Sigue leyendo “Work life, Seniors & José Díaz”

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Live your dreams along with your environment

The United Nation Environmental Program‘s official video for the 2015 World Environment Day is the perfect piece to be shared today.

It makes you captive of the beauties of nature, takes your breath away and, over all, reminds you the organic and depending relationship humans have with their environment.

Take a look at it and live your dreams, along with your surroundings, in the only planet you have and which needs your care.

World Environment Day 2015 – 7 billion dreams. 1 planet. Consume with Care.


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Less plastic, more quality life

This video was share by one of our followers at Lugar Ajeno’s Facebook Fan Page, and I thought I’d be very selfish if I didn’t pass it on. Sigue leyendo “Less plastic, more quality life”