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High Death Toll for Environmentalists in LATAM

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Seven countries of Latin America sum up 61 per cent of killings documented against environmental activists in 2016, according to data from Global Witness’ annual Defenders of the Earth report. Sigue leyendo “High Death Toll for Environmentalists in LATAM”

Sustainable Suits

Branding natural values

Costa Rica has always been sold properly based on its attributes. In 2011, it was considered the best country brand in Latin America by Future Brand according to Swiss Travel.

With no additional ingredients, this nation has organized and invested in preparing small but significant sites with the only renewable value they have for plenty: nature.

This is an example to follow and a to learn that our desire to increase economy in an exponential manner can be a waste in a long term projection plan. Lets think strategically. Small and efficient can do the trick!

Sustainable Suits

Is ecotourism the only type of sustainable tourism?

The United Nations Environmental Program recognizes that the tourism industry is one of the main drivers of growth and development of the world’s economy. “It employs more than 250 million workers worldwide (one in nine) and generates about 11% of the world’s GDP“, according to the Organization of Ibero American States. This is why it becomes one of the main areas for generating employment and with numerous facilities for domestic and foreign investments.

At least 90 tons of waste are recovered each year from the Ozama river.
At least 90 tons of waste are recovered each year from the Ozama river.

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