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Dominican Republic dazzles with La luz brillante

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Like in a fairy’s tale, the Dominican wasp slept in the specimen archive of the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History, until it was awakened and described by the Brazilian entomologist Bernardo Santos. Sigue leyendo “Dominican Republic dazzles with La luz brillante”

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Edible Wild Beauty of the Chicory

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The nutritious and medicinal properties of this wildflower can blow your mind in a second, as much as its beautiful blue blossom. Rather you call it Achicoria, Blue Sailors, Belgian Endive, Chicorée or Barbe de Capucin, the scientifically named Chicorium intybus can be eaten from the bud to the root, and add lots of vitamins and minerals to your next home made recipe. Sigue leyendo “Edible Wild Beauty of the Chicory”