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High Death Toll for Environmentalists in LATAM

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Seven countries of Latin America sum up 61 per cent of killings documented against environmental activists in 2016, according to data from Global Witness’ annual Defenders of the Earth report. Sigue leyendo “High Death Toll for Environmentalists in LATAM”

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SUMASA’s 5th Annual Sustainability Symposium

In an indoor Roman theater, the M.S. Sustainability Management Student Association of Columbia University (SUMASA) hosted a full house event at Casa Italiana during its annual sustainability symposium, for fifth consecutive year. Sigue leyendo “SUMASA’s 5th Annual Sustainability Symposium”

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Live your dreams along with your environment

The United Nation Environmental Program‘s official video for the 2015 World Environment Day is the perfect piece to be shared today.

It makes you captive of the beauties of nature, takes your breath away and, over all, reminds you the organic and depending relationship humans have with their environment.

Take a look at it and live your dreams, along with your surroundings, in the only planet you have and which needs your care.

World Environment Day 2015 – 7 billion dreams. 1 planet. Consume with Care.


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Un regalo para Madre Naturaleza – A gift for Mother Nature

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Celebrar el Día de las Madres varía de país en país, igual sucede con el de los Papás. Y es que, realmente, no importa la fecha ni la época del año al momento de agradar a nuestros creadores con un cariñito fraterno.

Pero hay ocasiones que siempre celebraremos en las mismas fechas y esta semana es declarada la Semana de la Madre Naturaleza, ya que el próximo 5 de junio es el Día del Medio Ambiente. Sigue leyendo “Un regalo para Madre Naturaleza – A gift for Mother Nature”