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AMNH Gilder Center Promises New Adventures in Near Future

Educating in science never got this innovative in the Northeastern: an interactive glass wall the third of a football field, live insects crawl up your sleeves and an immersive theater that pull you away from space and time are just three of the unique promises the American Museum of Natural History proposed when engaging in the Richard Gilder Center for Science, Education and Innovation. Sigue leyendo “AMNH Gilder Center Promises New Adventures in Near Future”

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Two Drops of Journalism

“They admire you or they hate you.” That used to be a common phrase at the newsroom during my year as a journalism intern at the now 127-year-old newspaper Listín Diario. It was a worthy, challenging, dangerous career. And, at the oldest outlet of the Dominican Republic it was the place where only the best-of-the-best could thrive to become and print their words on a sheet to be sold to 10 million inhabitants.

It was also a #JournalismSoMale that none of the digital or print outlets I applied to gave me the opportunity to continue developing my skills, after I won my first National Journalism Award at age 23. It was too much to handle, even for the paper I earned my award from. That was back in 2013. Sigue leyendo “Two Drops of Journalism”