Sustainable Suits

Branding natural values

Costa Rica has always been sold properly based on its attributes. In 2011, it was considered the best country brand in Latin America by Future Brand according to Swiss Travel.

With no additional ingredients, this nation has organized and invested in preparing small but significant sites with the only renewable value they have for plenty: nature.

This is an example to follow and a to learn that our desire to increase economy in an exponential manner can be a waste in a long term projection plan. Lets think strategically. Small and efficient can do the trick!

Sustainable Suits

Survival near the riverbed of Blanco

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As you approach the ridge of Blanco (Bonao, Dominican Republic), the virginity and pureness of the 600 meter mountain strokes your urban sensibility with layers of radiant vegetation and cascades that emerge from the rocks that put up this unique landscape. Once arrived at the Río Blanco Ecotourism Project, technology vanishes from your eyes while there is no escape from nature. Sigue leyendo “Survival near the riverbed of Blanco”