El Alto seeks ideas for arts and culture plan

Most Inwood and Washington Heights residents travel down to 125th Street’s Magic Johnson movie theater to watch the latest premieres, since the majestic Coliseum Theater at 181st. closed its doors in 2011.

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Spring/Summer Places

We’ve had an extended warm Winter season this year. It’s almost mid-May and temperatures have been lower then the expected. City residents get ready for some warm weather changes, awaiting for Spring and Summer to come along later this month. Continue reading “Spring/Summer Places”

No te discrimines / Don’t Discriminate Yourself

Don't descriminate yourself
Creative Commons by Jenny Downing

La discriminación ha existido siempre, en diversas formas, por diversas razones. Y le ha arruinado la existencia a tanta gente. Muchos han llegado a sumergirse en el olvido de los narcóticos, otros, a dejarse seducir por el suicidio. Continue reading “No te discrimines / Don’t Discriminate Yourself”