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Oceans Best Kept Secrets Revealed

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At the entrance of the exhibit, waves bathe your feet in the form of a hologram. And, if you close your eyes and listen closely, you might find yourself walking on a Caribbean beach at dusk. This is how the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) attempts to persuade your senses and submerge all its visitors into the most recent scientific discoveries in the depth of the ocean. Sigue leyendo “Oceans Best Kept Secrets Revealed”

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AMNH Gilder Center Promises New Adventures in Near Future

Educating in science never got this innovative in the Northeastern: an interactive glass wall the third of a football field, live insects crawl up your sleeves and an immersive theater that pull you away from space and time are just three of the unique promises the American Museum of Natural History proposed when engaging in the Richard Gilder Center for Science, Education and Innovation. Sigue leyendo “AMNH Gilder Center Promises New Adventures in Near Future”

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¡Cuba! afianza importancia de preservar el Caribe Insular

Como en cualquier otro país latinoamericano, te reciben los nativos con una sonrisa. Creas simpatía al compás de cuerdas de guitarra, justo debajo de trinitarias y helechos, esas plantas que adornan la arquitectura colonial. 

Así se palpa “¡Cuba!”, la primera exhibición bilingüe que expone el Museo Americano de Historia Natural sobre la biodiversidad y cultura de la isla antillana más grande del Caribe. Sigue leyendo “¡Cuba! afianza importancia de preservar el Caribe Insular”