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Huellas: números de 2015

Los duendes de las estadísticas de WordPress.com prepararon un informe sobre el trabajo que hemos realizado en el año 2015. Piensan que el año entrante va a ser más prometedor. Sigue leyendo “Huellas: números de 2015”

Special Projects

Green Hotels in the United States

President Barack Obama sustains his remarks on Climate Change as the world waits for the summit next December in Paris. He thrives the United States to a historical program that will cut carbon emissions like never before.

We expect that the #CleanPowerPlan improves air quality and minimizes pollution generated by our own needs of “power”.

Tourism, an activity which we’re not always aware that we’re oftenly involved in, could add some numbers to the reduction cause. But, we need it to be entirely green.

Green Hotels in the United States

Follow the world wide chat on Twitter by reading . Have any green hotels you’d like to mention? 

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Live your dreams along with your environment

The United Nation Environmental Program‘s official video for the 2015 World Environment Day is the perfect piece to be shared today.

It makes you captive of the beauties of nature, takes your breath away and, over all, reminds you the organic and depending relationship humans have with their environment.

Take a look at it and live your dreams, along with your surroundings, in the only planet you have and which needs your care.

World Environment Day 2015 – 7 billion dreams. 1 planet. Consume with Care.



Un muy nuevo año 2015 / A very new year 2015

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“El pasado es un terreno peligroso en todos los países”, escribe Paul Salopek para Nat. Geo. en Español mientras hace su caminata Fuera del Edén. Yo diría que lo es para todas las personas, aunque ese sea el lugar donde muchos vivan día tras día y donde, quizás, otros quisieran estar. Sigue leyendo “Un muy nuevo año 2015 / A very new year 2015”