Parishioners share some TLC w/ Puerto Ricans

We were all worried for those in the Caribbean. My grandmother’s relatives, my husband’s parents, my cousins and most of my friends and colleagues live in Dominican Republic. And, it was only logical to fear for the flooding and mayor food loss we know the islands would go through during the hurricane season. But this one was different. In a matter of hours, that hurricane, María, traveled towards and hit Puerto Rico right in the middle. Sigue leyendo “Parishioners share some TLC w/ Puerto Ricans”

Digital Storytelling at VOA’s LatAm Division

During my Master’s summer internship, I worked with Carol Guensburg, who had been reassigned as VOA’s Bridge Editor early this year, to report between the Central News Desk and the Latin America Division. As the Bridge Intern, I put my hands on all my preferred mediums, while translating content and interviews from Spanish to English and reporting on foreign policy, science and the environment in the Caribbean and LatAm for my own stories. Sigue leyendo “Digital Storytelling at VOA’s LatAm Division”

Breaking the Story of Father Fabián

Fabián Arias is well known in New York City, for being outspoken on immigrant rights. A media friendly person, recognized for his public service and community engagement with the undocumented. He is one of the central characters, when it comes to protecting local immigrants from law enforcement agents. But, some of his social work turn out to be a public secret. Sigue leyendo “Breaking the Story of Father Fabián”

General Reporting with El Diario NY

During my first semester at the CUNYJ School, I started working with Carmen Villavicencio, the Executive Editor for El Diario NY. She was always available and willing to work on my daybook and enterprise stories, while I developed a better understanding and engagement with the communities of Washington Heights and Inwood, and NYC as a whole.  Sigue leyendo “General Reporting with El Diario NY”

Adding my own to Voices of NY

After living in Dominican Republic for 18 years and getting my career started in the Spanish Caribbean, it was a challenge to set my head back into my native English and be proficient at it, when reporting became part of the equation. Editor Karen Pennar with Voices of NY gave me the opportunity to put my voice out in both languages. A win-win for us. Sigue leyendo “Adding my own to Voices of NY”

DR, Science and the Environment

As I work towards becoming a science journalist in the US, I kept establishing relationships with editors in the science and environment beats in Dominican media outlets. This is when I start working with Diario Libre’s Multimedia Editor Marvin del Cid. And, for the first time, I pithed and published an enterprise story on endemic monkey fossils from the Hispaniola. Sigue leyendo “DR, Science and the Environment”

A Web Series on Dominican Diaspora

After I arrived from DR in April, 2015, one of my first job opportunities was as a line producer for a web series project in NYC. It happened thanks to Renato Brea, my college Film Professor from Santiago. And together with actor and poet Francis Mateo, we worked on a six month series published on YouTube about the Dominican diaspora in Northern Manhattan. Sigue leyendo “A Web Series on Dominican Diaspora”