Parishioners share some TLC w/ Puerto Ricans

We were all worried for those in the Caribbean. My grandmother’s relatives, my husband’s parents, my cousins and most of my friends and colleagues live in Dominican Republic. And, it was only logical to fear for the flooding and mayor food loss we know the islands would go through during the hurricane season. But this one was different. In a matter of hours, that hurricane, María, traveled towards and hit Puerto Rico right in the middle.

The love for green in the Concrete Jungle, in this talented mural by @MagdaLoveArt. Lower East Side, NYC. Sept. 2017

No one expected to do anything or go anywhere. Until two weeks after it hit, and the catastrophe came to life: No water, no food, no electricity, local rescue effort were enough to help those dying in pitch-black hospital corridors or those in the distant rural areas.

A fellow colleague from the island suggested to look into what NYC locals were doing, as the days pass by and difficulties arose. Puerto Ricans spent days without speaking to their relatives, neither could they know about what was being shared on the disaster they had been victims of.

New York City officials decided to send trained personnel and ship items that could help relief those on the island. So, church parishioners from the Lower East Side organized to show that a powerful hurricane can’t wash away the island’s charm or the strength of its people.

I pitched this social video idea to professors Bob Sacha and Jeremy Caplan at the CUNYJ School, and was picked up for a collaboration with local media outlet The Lo-Down. I filmed half of the footage with my smartphone, and did the reporting, production and editing on Adobe Premiere Pro. The post is titled Mobilizing to Help Puerto Rico.


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