AMNH Gilder Center Promises New Adventures in Near Future

Educating in science never got this innovative in the Northeastern: an interactive glass wall the third of a football field, live insects crawl up your sleeves and an immersive theater that pull you away from space and time are just three of the unique promises the American Museum of Natural History proposed when engaging in the Richard Gilder Center for Science, Education and Innovation. Continue reading “AMNH Gilder Center Promises New Adventures in Near Future”


Residentes reciben beneficios ecológicos en East New York

Los residentes de East New York resultaron beneficiados por el trabajo voluntario que coordina y desarrolla el proyecto de administración y cuidado de árboles del Departamento de parques de la ciudad de Nueva York. Continue reading “Residentes reciben beneficios ecológicos en East New York”

Spring/Summer Places

We’ve had an extended warm Winter season this year. It’s almost mid-May and temperatures have been lower then the expected. City residents get ready for some warm weather changes, awaiting for Spring and Summer to come along later this month. Continue reading “Spring/Summer Places”