Rejas caribeñas convertidas en muralla china

Sabía que llegar a cubrir las comunidades latinas de Filadelfia sería tremendo reto. Pero, nunca pensé que tendría tanta dificultad en mi primera asignación en los barrios. Lo bueno es que me gusta -sí, me gusta pasar trabajo- y que esta labor vale la pena en todos sus ámbitos.

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Oceans Best Kept Secrets Revealed

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At the entrance of the exhibit, waves bathe your feet in the form of a hologram. And, if you close your eyes and listen closely, you might find yourself walking on a Caribbean beach at dusk. This is how the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) attempts to persuade your senses and submerge all its visitors into the most recent scientific discoveries in the depth of the ocean. Sigue leyendo “Oceans Best Kept Secrets Revealed”

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Giant Tortoise Fossils expose recent Climate Change in DR

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The biodiversity of Hispaniola island takes these specialists on a new journey in time. Scientists from Dominican Republic, New Zealand and the UK recently described the extinct giant tortoise of the island and presented new ideas on recent climate change in what we know today as DR and Haiti. Sigue leyendo “Giant Tortoise Fossils expose recent Climate Change in DR”

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High Death Toll for Environmentalists in LATAM

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Seven countries of Latin America sum up 61 per cent of killings documented against environmental activists in 2016, according to data from Global Witness’ annual Defenders of the Earth report. Sigue leyendo “High Death Toll for Environmentalists in LATAM”