Dirt, Bones & Siobhán Cooke

About 1 million years ago, endemic monkeys used to live on islands of the Caribbean. What today is one of our getaway destinations -Dominican Republic and Haiti-, is also a project site for scientists who look for fossil remains, some of which lead to new territorial distributions of these species’ habitats and to the understanding of their ruling over the Hispaniola, the reason why they’ve gone extinct. Continue reading “Dirt, Bones & Siobhán Cooke”


Work life, Seniors & José Díaz

Burende, La Vega, Dominican Republic

You can hear José as he comes down the alley, with colorful tenths as he walks to his yield. He likes to sing when ever he’s happy. “The one thing a person has to preserve is his word”, says the man to turn 93 on July 16 this year. Continue reading “Work life, Seniors & José Díaz”

Meat, Eat & Caitlin Reid

After the World Health Organization released the report on the relationship between processed meat and cancer diseases, I just flipped my eyes, it gave me the chills and I calculated I just have 5 years left to wonder and eat everything I can… Continue reading “Meat, Eat & Caitlin Reid”