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Challenges and Rewards of a Bilingual Latino Journalist in the US

Professor Tom Robbins, the investigative journalist in residence at the CUNYJ School at the time of my 2017 graduation, contacted me before we met. He asked if I’d be interested in sharing my views about journalism and Latinos in the US on a TV show. Former councilwoman and activist Ronnie Eldridge wanted to take an episode to talk with journalists, considering the hostil rhetoric the Trump administration has had with immigrants, with Latinos, and most media people. Sigue leyendo “Challenges and Rewards of a Bilingual Latino Journalist in the US”

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Winter Storm Grayson Golpea Washington Heights

La tormenta invernal se llama Grayson y tiene aspecto de huracán. Residentes de la avenida Saint Nicholas en el Alto Manhattan creen que no hubo tiempo suficiente para prepararse ante la “bomba meteorológica“. Sigue leyendo “Winter Storm Grayson Golpea Washington Heights”