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Spring/Summer Places

We’ve had an extended warm Winter season this year. It’s almost mid-May and temperatures have been lower then the expected. City residents get ready for some warm weather changes, awaiting for Spring and Summer to come along later this month.

Rather its jogging around uptown, walking in the outdoors, sunbathing in the park or playing fetch with Tishla, all activities and events lead to exciting plans with friends and family. These are my favorites for now:

Mambo Memories

Mambo Memories

The Hostos Center for Arts and Culture will blow your feet away with the musical presentation Mambo Memories this Saturday, May 14. The Steve Oquendo Mambo Orquestra will relive the Palladium Era as it plays together with music veterans Cándido Camero, Nayibe La Gitana, Frankie Figueroa, Orlando Marín, Cita Rodríguez and much more.

Epic Titanosaur

This impetuous 19 foot tall by 122 foot long dinosaur fossil takes us back to the Cretaceous period in the Argentinean Patagonia, where this 70 ton juvenile used to life among all creatures. Even thought it still doesn’t have a name, paleontologists suggests it was a herbivore that lived in a forest about 100 million years ago. It’s one of the largest land animals to have ever lived. The exhibit is open until January 1, 2020.

100 Japanese Gardens

100 Japanese Gardens

At the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens they have 100 reasons to bloom, because the Japanese collections celebrates a century of horticulture expansion and relationship between the Asian country and the Western continent. The educational and authentic landscape shares spiritual vibes for those who seek peace and quite.


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