Rompe los mitos sobre el tiburón

Se acerca verano y los días de disfrute en la playa no pueden faltar. Empaca todo: toalla, protector solar, botella reutilizable con agua, fundas de tela para los desperdicios, gafas de sol. ¿Qué hay que dejar en casa? Este año dejamos esos viejos mitos que impiden gozar de la naturaleza a plenitud. En especial, los que rodean los tiburones. Sigue leyendo “Rompe los mitos sobre el tiburón”

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Dirt, Bones & Siobhán Cooke

About 1 million years ago, endemic monkeys used to live on islands of the Caribbean. What today is one of our getaway destinations -Dominican Republic and Haiti-, is also a project site for scientists who look for fossil remains, some of which lead to new territorial distributions of these species’ habitats and to the understanding of their ruling over the Hispaniola, the reason why they’ve gone extinct. Sigue leyendo “Dirt, Bones & Siobhán Cooke”

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Spring/Summer Places

We’ve had an extended warm Winter season this year. It’s almost mid-May and temperatures have been lower then the expected. City residents get ready for some warm weather changes, awaiting for Spring and Summer to come along later this month. Sigue leyendo “Spring/Summer Places”