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Book Day Review

The act of reading gives a broader look at all around, it opens your mind, takes you to new places, builds knowledge and understanding, creates a better you. For some Latino cultures, reading is difficult, boring, tedious, an old habit. Why? I don’t know. Sigue leyendo “Book Day Review”

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Underground Art

What for years was a spooky poorly maintained tunnel between Broadway Avenue and the MTA’s 191st Subway Station became a colorful walk-through in May 2015.  Sigue leyendo “Underground Art”

Special Projects, Sustainable Suits

SUMASA’s 5th Annual Sustainability Symposium

In an indoor Roman theater, the M.S. Sustainability Management Student Association of Columbia University (SUMASA) hosted a full house event at Casa Italiana during its annual sustainability symposium, for fifth consecutive year. Sigue leyendo “SUMASA’s 5th Annual Sustainability Symposium”

Privado & Público

Migrar sin condición: Primer Aniversario

Migrar es una acción conocida, de lo más común y antigua, propia del proceso de adaptación y deseo de supervivencia de los seres que vivimos en este planeta. Sigue leyendo “Migrar sin condición: Primer Aniversario”