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Bodybuilding works: Michael Cepeda

Michael Cepeda was born on November 21, 1997. He started working at age 11 because he wanted to live on his own.

Bodybuilding 3

During the last 8 years, he has bounced from job to job working on duties that have helped him build his body. As a garage disposer, he used to carry the waste in a barrow he would push 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) long. For a year, he worked as a hammer man near his native Guaco (La Vega, Dom. Rep.) and for 3 more years he was a cabinetmaker, where he had to carry and cut the wood.

Bodybuilding 1

Now, Michael is a baker. He smoothens and prepares the dough before it goes into the over. He takes a look in his grandmother’s living room mirror. His next step? He wants to be a bodybuilder. “God and my effort and needs to survive have given me this body. I would like to dedicate myself to bodybuilding because it helps your esteem and makes you feel healthy”, Michael explains.

Bodybuilding 2

His aunt Argentina says he gets the “flu” every three months, “caused by the exposure he had to paint during his days at the shop”. Besides that, he clams he is a new born: “no allergies, no nothing”.

Bodybuilding 4

This year, he started visiting the local gym and uploading images to an Instagram account.

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