Sustainable Tourism

Green Hotels in the United States

President Barack Obama sustains his remarks on Climate Change as the world waits for the summit next December in Paris. He thrives the United States to a historical program that will cut carbon emissions like never before.

We expect that the #CleanPowerPlan improves air quality and minimizes pollution generated by our own needs of “power”.

Tourism, an activity which we’re not always aware that we’re oftenly involved in, could add some numbers to the reduction cause. But, we need it to be entirely green.

Green Hotels in the United States

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Sustainable Suits

1, 2, 3: La moda ecoamigable

Cada día, Nueva York nos invita a salir de compras. Y lo podemos hacer responsablemente si tomamos en cuenta el impacto que tiene lo que compramos sobre el cuidado del medio ambiente. Sigue leyendo “1, 2, 3: La moda ecoamigable”