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Abortion and its decisives

Happy and very happy I was when I heard the news that a childhood friend was returning to Quisqueya La Bella, from a distant metropolitan city located on the other side of that salty river, after several Aprils without seeing her.

I threw my tiredness and stress away and bought 10 pounds of energy and enthusiasm to await their arrival. With her first step in Dominican land, she brought a tiny and inoffensive human being, drooling and smiling for anything. When we got home, we talked about the reason of her visit and the male that joined her.

She said she was going to arrive alone, but she couldn’t because she had 17 months living alongside the smiling boy. She mentioned that the guts and the courage didn’t reached thoroughly as to get rid of the creature; the fact of aborting the innocence and immature living being was too much weight for her, which now lit darken alleyways of her soul.

And listening to their groans and cheers, I thought that abortion is not a decision for anyone; it is meant for beings with great matureness. It is the decision taken only by humans concerned directly with the arrival and departure of the delicate being. Women are the ones who have the authority over their bodies, their lives and circumstances and who should have the ability to discern moral, ethical, acceptable and suitable for the reality in which they live.

I understood that this heinous act is a heartbreaking decision of a woman, were she is to carry with her conscience, morality and God, in her fullness as a person. I think that those women with the load of the swan must think in them, what their moral values say to them ​​and listen to the words pronounced by the God they thank their lives to.

Finished the conversation, I waited a moment after her departure and I cornered in a cubicle with no walls and outdoors around home, to digest what my mind had swallowed, to talk to myself, my conscience,  to talk to my morality and my god.

By that time, my fingers did not want to write, or even have a desire to do so. Just joined them together among strong winds and maintained them silent for the following days…


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