Educating New Yorkers on Immigrant Rights

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Residents from around the city prepare for the worst, as they attend information sessions and workshops on immigrant rights in Upper Manhattan and Lower East Side, in the face of possible immigration raids and regulatory or arbitrary encounters with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and NYPD officers. Continue reading “Educating New Yorkers on Immigrant Rights”

AMNH Gilder Center Promises New Adventures in Near Future

Educating in science never got this innovative in the Northeastern: an interactive glass wall the third of a football field, live insects crawl up your sleeves and an immersive theater that pull you away from space and time are just three of the unique promises the American Museum of Natural History proposed when engaging in the Richard Gilder Center for Science, Education and Innovation. Continue reading “AMNH Gilder Center Promises New Adventures in Near Future”

El abrazo común de la Tilansia

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Con raíces diminutas y sin un tronco propio que presumir, la Tilansia, Clavel del aire o también conocida como Mala Madre (Tillandsia spp) se abraza a las ramas de otros árboles para albergarse de las tempestades del ambiente.  Continue reading “El abrazo común de la Tilansia”